Thierry Salomon


Originally from Strasbourg, France, Thierry teaches tennis in Budapest, Hungary.   He started playing in his teens and at 23 completed the French basic tennis teaching course "initiateur de club", helping coach the girls team at his club.  Having a huge collections of tennis books Thierry was always puzzled by the contradiction between one book and another and the contradiction between what the majority of the authors wrote and what he could see on television.  After watching Roy Emerson in a senior ATP tournament in Baden-Baden and Sampras at an ATP event in Lyon he realized that their forehands had nothing to do with what was written in most of the books, even though both of them were considered to play the "classical" way.

Thierry played team competition tennis in France, England and Hungary. He earned his Hungarian tennis teacher certificate (teniszoktató) in 2004, and his style was based on a mixture of the Hungarian methodology, PTR and some German material from Schönborn (German Tennis Federation).  That same year, after looking on the internet for tennis teaching videos he found Oscar's methodology.    “This was a big eye-opener because ‘til then I was quite “orthodox” in my teaching and also in the way I played myself.  First I tried it on my own game, and my forehand and topspin one handed topspin backhand improved more within a few days than in the previous 10 years. I tried it on somebody whom I was helping to learn tennis. With the conventional method it was very difficult to have more than 3 shot rallies. Using Oscar's 1992 book this was not a problem anymore.

When a fellow team-mate and coach decided to relocate to Canada he asked Thierry to take over his pupils, initiating his official coaching career, then expanding on a larger scale in several clubs in and around Budapest. He now teaches all ages and levels in Hungarian, French, English or German at: Külker Park 1021 Budapest, Budakeszi út 73/c and Városmajori Tenisz Club 1122 Budapest Városmajor utca 63-69.


Thierry Salomon

MTM Tennis Professional

Budapest, Hungary

[email protected]