Al Schwimmer


Al has been working with the Glenview Tennis Club since 2005 (Glenview was selected as a USTA Tennis Facility Of The Year in 2009).  He graduated with a degree in Industrial Design before he began teaching tennis. He has worked at numerous tennis clubs around Chicago including Poplar Creek Tennis Club, The Wright Club, Woodfield Racquet Club, as well as Ken Carrol Country Club in Colorado. Al has also been a member of the United States Professional Tennis Association since 1972.

Al started playing tennis at the young age of 10 when he borrowed a racquet and balls from a friend and started playing in the parks. He has always enjoyed the mental and physical aspects of the game and believes both are necessary to be successful.

As a Tennis Teacher, Al derives great satisfaction from passing his knowledge on to others. He believes every student has his own idiosyncrasies and that lessons should accommodate that fact. Says Al, “There is no better feeling than when a student learns something new or understands a new concept”. Al is passionate about tennis because, “it allows me to share experiences with others while exercising my body”. His biggest personal achievement was being certified as a professional instructor and having the opportunity to teach others.

Al purchased the MTM Coaching Series from Oscar Wegner in 2009 and has been using MTM to teach his students since then with great success.  “It’s really wonderful to see the look of surprise when the student realizes how easy tennis can be”.

Al is an Industrial Designer doing work in product and graphic design.  As an Industrial Designer, Al has always been very interested in the evolution of tennis equipment and would love to be involved in the design of new racquets.   One of his most memorable projects is the design of the sign program for Mercedes Benz Dealerships worldwide.


In July 2013 Al worked personally on court with Oscar Wegner and hosted MTM tennis clinics in Chicago featuring Oscar.


Al Schwimmer

MTM Tennis Professional

Glenview, IL

[email protected]