Alex Slezak


Alex Slezak has a Master’s Degree in Education, holds Modern Tennis Methodology & USPTR Tennis Professional credentials, and is one of the few Certified Resistance Band Training Specialists around.  He has taught tennis to children and adults for the past 14 years, competed at the collegiate level, held positions at respected area tennis clubs, and coaches the Tennis Teams at Fox Chapel High School in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  In addition, Alex works as an Elementary Physical Education Teacher.  It is his synergistic combination of player development methods, functional fitness knowledge, experience in the teaching profession, and energetic passion for the game that is sure to meet the needs of any tennis player.

About MTM Alex says, “Oscar Wegner’s system of Modern Tennis Methodology works for two simple reasons.  First, Oscar understands fully how the body functions.  It is the natural functional movements of the human body that lead to the greatest results and least strain which the world of both tennis and fitness has been missing for years.  Second, Oscar understands that learning occurs best when students make discoveries on their own.  Just like a great teacher guides students to make individual discoveries and sense of the world of around them so too do the concepts taught in Modern Tennis Methodology.  This system truly allows for players of all levels to develop individually and uniquely, which is much different from the factory production mentality of many tennis programs which leave no room for individuality and stunt a player’s unique individual growth”.


Alex Slezak

MTM Tennis Professional

Gibsonia, PA

[email protected]