James E. Sneed


Jim has participated in and helped organize tennis since before his college days in the 1970’s.  He became Maryland’s Prince Georges Country Coordinator for the USTA in the mid-1990’s and was responsible for organizing and building tennis to the largest participation in the history of adult league tennis in PG County, winning State, Regional and National championships. 

He has been involved with the USTA for the past 30 years and is presently a certified professional member of the PTR, USPTA and MTM, and also serves on the board of the PG Boys & Girls Club.

Continuing training is a must.”, says Jim.  Since 2005 he has been an instructor of children and adults at the Maryland Parks & Planning Commission Watkins Tennis Bubble in the Washington Metro area.  In addition, he provides private, semi-private and group lessons from beginner to pro level players and is Head Coach of one of the 4 Maryland Jr. Tennis teams as well as a QuickStart Program coach for PG County.

Of MTM Jim says, “I have been coaching for about seven years now but it hadn’t been as sweet as it is now, and this is why.  I visited a friend who is an MTM coach at his facility and listened, and then he demonstrated the Wegner method of teaching to me.  Afterwards I conducted my own research and was completely sold on the ideology.  Before, teaching was hit or miss, some students went on to  improve and some had very slow progress.  Now my success rate per class is much higher.  The students and I get instant gratification.    My job is much easier and my students are actually out playing at a much quicker rate.    Now I can concentrate on keeping it fun and motivating confidence.


James E. Sneed

MTM Tennis Professional

Fort Washington, MD



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