John Thomas



John has been playing tennis since he was only 10 years old. In addition to his 35 years of experience playing the sport, he also has been teaching tennis for nearly 20 years. John is certified by the USPTA and is a master racket technician, a Cooper certified trainer, a strength and conditioning coach and a Crossfit coach.


John MTM when he came across the website for Russell Grogan's facility in Beaumont, Texas. John looked up MTM and was extremely impressed, deciding to learn as much as possible about Oscar Wegner's method of teaching and to become MTM certified.


John is the Director of Tennis at the Harry Taylor Tennis Center located at Strawberry Park in Pasadena, Texas.


Says John, “When I was a kid, tennis kept me out of trouble; it gave me an outlet and a way to expend my energy. My whole family was into baseball, but I liked tennis because, unlike team sports, I succeeded or failed by my own doing. It gave me a sense of self pride. Some of my best memories took place on the tennis courts.  I love teaching because I know what tennis did for me. It’s nice to know tennis gives people something they can do for the rest of their lives. The coolest part about teaching is when I’m training the juniors and they hit the ball over the net, right where it’s supposed to go, and they smile from ear to ear. It’s just great!”



John Thomas

MTM Tennis Professional

Pasadena, TX



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City Of Pasadena, Texas