Harry Van Gool



Harry started to play tennis when he was 18 years old.Despite that he reached at the age of 25, top 40 in Belgium.Most of the guys his age are playing the "old way" of tennis because they started to play at 7 or 8 years old, but Harry learned to play topspin FH and BH from the beginning, with a one-handed backhand.

Harry is still playing many ITF tournaments in Europe, with a personal best ranking in 2013 year at #17 in Men's 50. He also competes in Germany in the highest class of the Men's 50 age group, beating ITF #1 Men's 55, Pierre Godfroid in 2013.

Says Harry, "I love tennis, and I love the way Oscar finds a manner to teach this lovely sport in such a simple and meaningful way."

Hary has been teaching tennis for 25 years now, and currently gives lessons at the Dominique Monami Tennis School in Hombeek, Bergenstraat 2, Hombeek 2811, Belgium.


Harry Van Gool

MTM Tennis Professional

Clinician and Tester

Hombeek, Belgium



[email protected]