Mili Veljkovic


Mili, who is from Belgrade, Serbia teaches beginners, intermediate level and competition level players with a progressive approach, as he describes "in order to prepare them for the “modern tennis style”, like the one that Oskar Wegner (and we in TC Partizan) teach and endorse (stances are much more open, etc). The Mili Split Method is for all tennis players whose technique i.e. bio mechanic is not yet excellent even though they have been playing and learning tennis for more years."

Tennis lessons and courses are held by Mili at these locations:

TC Partizan, Humska 1
TC Stari DIF, Deligradska 27
TC Victoria – Sportsko Selo
TC Gemax, Dedenje

Playing experience
Mili started when he was 11, played for TC Partizan in all junior selections.
Three tmes was playing for Junior Serbian Selection.
Nowdays, Mili is standard in Serbian Veteran Selection.
2002 – Veteran Europian ranking as 31st in the category 35+
2002 Winner of Acropolis Open Veterans 35+
Winner of Open Serbia ITF Veterans  2007-2010

Teaching experience
30 years of international coaching
Started in Partizan during college sport studies
Worked with top Serbian juniors and with top college players
2007 Finshed the MSM method after 20 years of research

1987 Graduated PHY.ED. professor
Tennis coach in Tennis Clubs: Partizan, Stari Dif, Victoria and Bol
2007 Author of Split method (MSM)
PTR Certified Professional Tennis Instructor
Member of Serbian Academy of Innovators
Official coach of Miss Serbia Contest



Mili Veljkovic

MTM Tennis Professional

Belgrade, Serbia



[email protected]



38 111 3587048





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