Zbigniew Wolan


“Ziggy” grew up in a small town in Poland and says, “sport is my life”. He played professional soccer from 1977-1987. He came to the US in 1990, got married and started playing tennis.  His three sons all took lessons in Chicago then traveled to tennis academies; there was little progress and much frustration.  In September 2010 after 5 months of coaching his boys on his own he stumbled upon tennisteacher.com, and since using Oscar's methods his sons have made great advances in the Midwest boys' 14’s and 12’s divisions. Says Ziggy, “I believe in Oscar's methods and this is why I have decided to become an MTM Coach”.


Zbigniew Wolan

MTM Tennis Teacher

Palos Heights, IL

[email protected]

708-361-2634 home

708-557-2747 cell