Anna Zlobina



Anna was born in the Soviet Union in Odessa, Ukraine.
She started playing tennis at seven years old in the higher sports school and began competing in tournaments at the national level when she was 13. Her first coach was S.A. Razborshchikov. During her junior career, she practiced on the National team of USSR with Yanovskiy M.A. and ranking in a National team of the Soviet Union in the top 20 as #6 singles in under 16s and 18s . From 1978 to 1983 I played for the National Maritime University (ONMU), Odessa , USSR and was ranked #1 for singles .

She studied management, logistics and PC while playing competitive tennis. Since 1994 has been an official and certified coach of the Ukraine tennis federation (UTF) as well as apermanent judge in all tennis tournaments in Ukraine.

Anna has been coaching for the last 20 years at the Tennis Club Prestige in Odessa. She now coaches high performance players, is a trainer in QuickStart Tennis and Cardio Tennis and provides the best educational environment by teaching tennis technique and strategy to members of all ages and skill levels at the Balck Sea Tennis Acdemy.

In the summer of 2009 Anna and her team participated in the World Championship of beach tennis in Ravenna, Italy.

Anna's high level of energy and enthusiasm everyday has a very positive effect on her players and fellow coaches. Says Anna, "I am a tremendous student of the game. I never stop learning and interacting with my fellow coaches in my quest to become the best coach I can be."



Anna Zlobina

MTM Tennis Professional


Odessa, Ukraine



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